Family Entities


When disputes arise, reconciliation efforts are sought and applied by our team by utilizing the latest scientific methods to attain alternative means of conflict resolution, which might spare our clients the need to resort to litigation.

Family corporation governance

Our elite team of counsels and attorneys come from various international backgrounds and specialize in the governance of family businesses. The team applies governance standards, disclosures, transparency, and accountability principles to family entities, while being responsive to the unique dynamics of each family and the international applications in family business governance, assisting the family business to attain high performance and thrive through successive generations.

Family Charter

We work on drafting the family charter by utilizing the best global practices and models for family charters based on the unique vision, mission, and values of the family. We aim to enable stakeholders to understand the family charter provisions, define member rights and duties, and individual powers in the charter, while considering the cultural and social character of the family.

Inheritance, Wills and Trusts

The discipline of inheritance, wills, and trusts is broad and extensive, and it requires experts to understand and analyze the complex nuances involved in the field. Our highly experienced team possesses the necessary skills and expertise to provide the best possible solutions that meet clients’ needs.

  • Taking measures for distributing the estate, liquidating properties, and preventing financial and property exploitation.
  • Presenting opportunities to develop the estate for our clients in alliance with investment, accounting, and marketing firms.
  • Preparing and drafting wills in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence (Sharia law) and registering the will with the relevant official authorities to ensure proper documentation.
  • Comprehensive attention to trusts and endowments (Awqaf) in line with a vision based on the governance of trusts and endowments with an aim for growth and development.